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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower clients by offering counseling services that cultivate conversations in effort to find helpful skills and tools that will improve a client’s ability to navigate personal challenges. Country Crossroads Cares values meaningful connections and strives to provide exceptional counseling services to help clients feel seen and heard. We offer counseling services for little or no cost if a client meets the criteria on our sliding scale or if a client is going through a financial hardship such as loss of a job, or insurance, or a death of a loved one. 

Our Vision

Our practice’s vision is to be recognized for fostering meaningful connections and providing helpful counseling support to each client we have the privilege of meeting.

Our Objectives

  • Provide exceptional counseling services at little or no cost
  • Treat each potential client with dignity and respect (non-discrimination)
  • Utilize relevant and evidence-based practices to inform therapeutic interventions based on a client-centered approach
  • Maintain ethical practices through management of professional trainings/certification/credentials
  • Cater services to individuals to keep in alignment with the clients wants/wishes/strengths/needs
  • Extend outreach to rural communities through the offering of school-based therapy as well as multiple office locations/telehealth
  • Provide appropriate and ethical counseling to support various populations such as veterans, children, families, etc.
  • Maintain facilities/barns to ensure helpful access to clients interested in receiving animal-assisted intervention

Our Goals

To serve people in rural communities and education them about mental health. Topics include suicide prevention, self-care, coping skills, parent education, and couples’ communication.

We would like to give 1-2 presentations a month on mental health on various topics in Missouri, in addition to providing low/no cost counseling sessions to those in need.

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